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Height (cm/inches) 6.29 cm / 2.47 in.
Length (cm/inches) 15.7 cm / 6.18 in.
Chamber Diameter (cm/inches) 2.21 cm / 0.87 in.
Chamber Depth (cm/inches) 5.14 cm / 2.02 in.
Weight (g/oz) 125 g / 4.41 oz.
Insured Shipping (Domestic/International) $15.00 / $40.00

Greetings everyone

 We have here an extra chubby Apple with one of my custom stems.

 When I make my custom stems no two come out a like. Which makes each one unique.

 The colors of this stem are like a rainbow. I have Black, Ruby, orange, clear, white, and a combination color swirl.

 This Apple has very nice grain wrapping around the bowl into the shank. Also the out side diameter of the bowl is 2-1/4"

 The shank is about an Inch around. This is one CHUBBY pipe that is very eye catching.


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